Non-Operative Solutions to Sports, Spine and Orthopedic Injuries
Let Us Get You Back in the Game

     Thomas Agesen, MD                Jay E. Bowen, DO              Gerard A. Malanga, MD

Typical Conditions Treated with Prolotherapy or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


       Tennis and Golfer's Elbow      

       Jumper's Knee

       Achilles "tendinitis"

       Hip and Shoulder "Bursitis"

    Osteoarthrosis or Cartilage Damage
       Any joints, but commonly the knee

       Various location, but commonly the neck and back

    Enthesopathies (where connective tissue attaches to bone)


       Plantar fasciitis

Treatment Options Offered 

    >Platelet Rich Plasma

   >Spinal Injections (Epidural, Facet, Sacroiliac Joint, etc.)

   >Peripheral Joint Injections

   >Trigger Point Injections




    >Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

    >Electrodiagnostic Testing (EMG/NCS)
    >Spinal Cord Stimulation

   >Development and Coordination of a Therapy Program